Age Guide

The age groups and the bottom age guidelines have been developed based on the experiences from other festivals for children and youth, consultations with psychologists and educationalists, as well as the suggestions of ECFA-European Children’s Film Association.

We leave the final decision of the film choice to pupils’ parents and guardians. They are the ones who know their children best.

Age groups:
We have divided the films into 5 age groups:
  • 3+ (nursery school)
  • 6+ (early primary school)
  • 10+ (late primary school)
  • 13+ (early high school)
  • 15+ (late high school and above)

  • To find the information about what age group a film belongs to simply hover over the FILM button – all the categories and age groups will then appear.

    WARNING: not all the films from a given age group are recommended for all its representatives, , i.e. 6+ group contains films for children aged 6 or above, but also 7 or above and 8 or above.

    Bottom age guideline:
    In the footer of each film you will find information about the bottom age guideline, such as AGE: 7 or above.

    Upper age guideline:
    We took the liberty to suggest the upper age guideline, as we appreciate that not all the positions from 3+ group would be enjoyed by the teenagers from late primary school.
    In the footer of each film under the photo you will find the age groups that the particular title is recommended for. Simply click an age that interests you, for example 12, and the website will present all films that a 12-year-old would enjoy.

    We would be grateful for any suggestions after this first edition of the festival. Our goal is to come up with a system that will aid in certification of the festival films but also those that are in general release.
    Thank you and we hope you enjoy THE FILMS IN SNEAKERS!